We are a team of people passionate about football and football betting.

A team that constantly searches for more potential and more choices concerning betting.

But we cannot stress enough that this amazing idea about OVER/UNDER prognostic data came from all you, GOLDENBET's fans!

You suggested the application of GOLDENBET's successful statistical model in the OVER / UNDER betting category.

It is a type of betting that is becoming popular worldwide and becomes all the more popular while tending to take the leading position in the betting field.

That is what we did! We adjusted the parameters of the statistical model - after detailed recording and analysis of thousands of games - to assure its efficiency to the UNDER / OVER betting. After this tiring procedure, we are able to supply OVER/UNDER prognostic data with high success rates that provide a long-term, significant statistical advantage to betting players.

The OVER/UNDER 2.5 GOALS betting is especially appealing thanks to the significantly better revenues it exhibits in comparison with the 1Χ2 betting. The profit margin therefore, is increased and at the same time the player's tactics are optimized since he no longer has to bet in multiple games to ensure a remarkable gain.

Our firm position and advice - resulting from statistical analysis - is that the player gains real advantage when betting in one or maximum two OVER/UNDER games. Of course every player is welcome to develop his own strategy and is solely responsible for his final decisions.

When betting OVER/UNDER 2.5 GOALS, our concern is whether the right number of goals that we have predicted will be achieved and not which team is going to win the game. In the case of UNDER the total of achieved goals has to be under 2.5 while in the case of OVER it has to be over 2.5.

When betting OVER / UNDER the element of “surprise” embodied in every football game is eliminated. In this case we are not affected if the stronger football team is defeated by the weaker one. The various feasibilities that can determine the final outcome of a game do not affect us. The only thing required is the right forecast that will deliver the total amount of goals achieved in one football game.

The betting 1Χ2 prognostic data will continue to be provided free of charge for our fans. The OVER/UNDER 2.5GOALS prognostic data will be provided with a small fee of 9.90 euros per month. We provide our prognostic data services at extremely low costs to assure that all our fans have the financial capacity to cope and therefore become subscribers.

We invite you to come and place your bet at the amazing OVER /UNDER 2.5 betting and let's start counting the goals!

Have lots of fun and even more earnings!

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